Anneke A. de Boer, Jeroen Kooijmans, A.P. Komen/Karen Murphy Germaine Kruip, Jan Rothuizen and Julika Rudelius
From Here to Reality - a dutch show

Germaine Kruip: Slussen, Stockholm, 010824

A.P Komen & Karen Murphy: still from Love Bites (1998) video installation

From Here to Reality is a group exhibition of young, Dutch artists. As the title of the show suggests, the theme revolves around relationships and perspectives to reality. It could be said that this is done from a common, everyday perspective, closely related to people's lives and points of view. We often find ourselves in the no man's land between fiction and reality, or to one side of this, right outside. All in order to heighten our experience of reality.

Five of the six artworks are located in Index's exhibition space, while the sixth takes place in the city, more precisely in the area around Slussen and Södermalmstorg. This is Germaine Kruip's work, Point of View, a situation that will only take place during the three hours of the opening. The piece involves the viewer moving in a loop within the area, where some of what is seen is staged, while other things are not. The gallery's ground floor contains A.P. Komen/Karen Murphy's video piece Love Bites, a relationship drama between a man and a woman with sampled lines from soap operas, in a documentary tone, but also including a fictional element.

Jeroen Kooijmans: still from Cloud Factory (1996) video projection

Anneke A. de Boer: Helicopter, (1999), photos on aluminium, detail: image 2

In the lower gallery Jeroen Kooijmans' Cloud Factory comments on the Dutch climate by employing a factory to suck in clouds like a gigantic vacuum cleaner; an industrial landscape in transformation. In a series of colour photographs, Helicopter, by Anneke A. de Boer, a story seems to be unfolding in a city park, but what is actually going on is unclear since part of the story takes place outside the viewer's reference. Jan Rothuizen's installation Somewhere over the Rainbow shows a time-line - from childhood to old age - with pictures of famous people who resemble the artist, either in appearance or as he perceives himself, in a kind of self-portrait without the self. In Julika Rudelius' video Interview 01 we meet a group of students, about 25-years old, interviewed by a person who stays off-camera. They are sitting about somewhere in the university corridors and talking about their mutual relationships. The video begins in an ordinary matter-of-fact tone but suddenly turns into something more direct - hyper-reality?


A catalogue is available including pictures of the artworks and text by Helena Holmberg and Niklas Östholm.

For press images and information please contact Index.

Our thanks to the Mondriaan Foundation, Amsterdam.

Jan Rothuizen: from Somewhere Over the Rainbow (2001) installation

Julika Rudelius: still from Interview 01 (2000) video
Elizabeth Price: SUNLIGHT
Exhibition dates: 29 November, 2014 – 14 February, 2015
Opening: 28 November, 6.30 p.m. – 8.30 p.m.